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So I’m at the beach. The men’s team got knocked out of the MEAC earlier in the week. I was glad to see the lady Aggies make it through to Friday.

However now….. I’m at the beach. It’s my birthday weekend and I’m being pretty reflective. It’s like those reflective journals we did in Student Development classes.

The MEAC tournament sucks. It’s not about parties and stuff. My generation just doesn’t give a damn and it shows when we are at the games, around the city, etc.

Anyways I’m getting older, thinking about my career moves. Making some thoughts about education. But I want to spend more time at the beach.

Got work to do. Later. I’m going to look at the water.


My Post on 1891 Express – The DC Aggies Blog

This afternoon I posted my response to the DC Chapter’s Blog acknowledging the events that are happening in the world and just briefly weighing in on not only the Trayvon Martin case, but also Moral Monday’s in North Carolina and the issues with Parent Plus loans. I am beginning to think that my two year term leading the DC Chapter will draw on importance of our alumni to be more engaged with the social issues, especially when we can give them a direct impact to our alma mater.



As you are well aware, the jury in the case of the State of Florida versus George Zimmerman found him not guilty of the crime of second degree murder. We are aware of the numerous issues surrounding the crime, trial and now the aftermath of this case. We encourage people to use our Facebook page to engage in intelligent conversation about their thoughts on the trial. However, for many of us we are more  concerned about the continued violation of the civil rights of people of color and other marginalized groups.

The DC Chapter will continue to provide information on how to support efforts to bring awareness to the “next steps” from the trial and many other civil rights issues that we are facing.  Furthermore, as we receive more information from the national association and university  for various calls for advocacy, we will continue to share.

We want to advise our alumni to continue to be aware of what is happening in North Carolina. Now, more than ever, alumni and friends of our public HBCU’s must step up and provide financial support. One big issue for many of our students are changes to the federal Parent PLUS loan program. This program for a population of our students make the difference between having funding to go to or stay at A&T or having to go home and not finish. From an article posted in Diverse Issues in Higher Education on July 15 it was stated that:

“We were blindsided by the volume of denials and scrambled for answers and ways to assist students,” said Akua Matherson, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management at North Carolina A&T State University.

“In her comments last month, at a Department of Education field hearing in Atlanta, Matherson said the university processed 2,691 PPL loan applications for the fall of 2012. The government rejected 2,093 of the applications based on the new rules. The university’s experience mirrored that of most institutions with students whose parents relied on the PPL program.”

The times that we live in are very challenging, but as Aggies we have been on the forefront of enacting positive social change. Today is no different than February 1, 1960.

-Brandon ’08


Sign the  NAACP petition:;

Read about protest of and advocacy efforts to repeal Stand Your Ground laws in states throughout the country and to fight against American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC):;

Sign up for ImpactDC’s  #NoJusticeNoSleep alerts, please sign up here:

100 Young Black Activists Respond to George Zimmerman Verdict - Black Youth Project. -

We are proud to have two Aggies from the DC Chapter,  Courtney Bennett ’09 and Shae Harris ’09 who were part of ?#?BYP100? for 2013.

Read “The Difference a Gun Can Make” by Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, II, director of the Office of Public Witness for the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Without Timely PPL Fix, College Officials See Another Dire Financial Fall Ahead for HBCUs

HBCUs: CBC Pressures Obama on Parent PLUS Loan Problem

Coverage on Moral Monday and other North Carolina legislative Protests

The Netherlands!!! – NACADA International Conference

It is obvious that I don’t write posts for my website as often as I should. However, over the last few weeks I have been preparing with my colleagues Johnika and Shelly for the NACADA International Conference in Maastricht, Netherlands.


So why, am I going to the Netherlands? Back in 2011-2012 academic year at Prince George’s Community College the “TRIO” started working on some projects to get students thinking about and preparing for transfer. The college also began a big push for college completion including earning degrees/certificates and then moving on. TRiO programs have been doing this for years, so this was not new to us. Adding along to our team was Maurice who is a phenomenal faculty member and we got to working and then presenting.


In December, we received word that our proposal had been accepted by nearly EVERY conference we submitted proposals to, ACPA, MCPA, NACADA Regional and NACADA International. It was an awesome thing, even if I had left Prince George’s CC. But the Netherlands call. We will be presenting a workshop entitled - Bottom Up Revolution: Community College Solutions to American Graduation Initiatives.

The institutional landscape in higher education is rapidly changing in the United States. President Barack Obama’s 2009 American Graduation Initiative lit a flame for community colleges. Community colleges are now tasked with a renewed mission to create transformed and intentional learning environments that go beyond access and success to engaging sustainability and stronger accountability. With a 5% graduation rate, one of the lowest in the state of Maryland, Prince George’s Community College Academic Advisers infused theory and practice to start a collaborative revolution from the bottom up.

So right now the partners in crime are all on their way to the University College of Maastricht. June 5 – 7 we will be taking NACADA by storm. Learn more about our conference and be excited for my first overseas travel!


Quick Thoughts on: School – Prison, Alabama State & Morgan State

There are many things going on right now as we enter the holiday season. I want to touch on a few hot topics and give my brief perspective. I like to do this from time to time because 140 characters is not enough space to address these types of issues.


Some thoughts on the Fisher Case

This week there has been a renewed debate over affirmative action and the use of race in college admissions. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about now. There are so many ways to discuss this subject. As I read the commentary and oral arguments about the Fisher v. UT-Austin case, I came to a few conclusions that I feel that need to be discussed.

Justice Sotomayor asked to the counsel for Ms. Fisher, “What’s the injury?” That was just part of her questioning that has been on the mind of like-minded people. The young lady chose not to take the opportunity to use an alternative pathway to get into UT-Austin and left the Lone Star state and headed to Baton Rouge. The fact that she had successfully matriculated through LSU and is gainfully employed, what is the injury? As a non-legal mind, I see no injury, she has achieved goals that many students have yet to carry out.


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